Select Editing Projects


  • Photography books commemorating professional sports teams’ championships
  • Photography books chronicling the history of collegiate sports programs
  • Books about films, television programs, and video games
  • Children’s literature
  • University-level textbooks

Among my favorite projects have been the following:

Behind the Dolphin Smile, the autobiography of Richard O’Barry, who trained television’s Flipper and was the subject of the documentary The Cove, about his efforts to halt the slaughter of dolphins for food

Blue Revolution: Unmaking America’s Water Crisis, case studies about how various communities approach water conservation

Books to Check Out for Kids: A Journal, a literature guide for children

Cabin Fever: A Suburban Father’s Search for the Wild, a modern-day Walden

Children’s Miscellany: Useless Information That’s Essential to Know
, a compendium of interesting facts for children

Ethical Chic: The Inside Story of the Companies We Think We Love, case studies revealing the true level of social conscience of companies such as Apple Computer and Trader Joe’s

Fierce Beauty: Preserving the World of Wild Cats, a photography book about a sanctuary for large felines

Greek Myths: Tales of Passion, Heroism, and Betrayal

Legacy of the Dog, an illustrated encyclopedia of dog breeds

One Common Goal: The San Francisco Giants Official 2012 Season and World Series Commemorative, a pictorial chronicle of the Giants’ triumphant 2012 season

The Railway Children, a classic of children’s literature

Saving the Redwoods (in press), a history of the Save-the-Redwoods League

an online exhibition featuring a pictorial timeline of Walt Disney’s life for the Walt Disney Family Museum

Window Seat: Reading the Landscape from the Air, a guide to observing American geographical and geopolitical features from an airplane

adult and children’s companion books to the ground-breaking nature documentary Winged Migration


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